Toddler room

Children move from the Baby Room to the Toddler Room around the age of 2. Again the transition process is gradual, and children and parents have opportunities to be introduced to the room and new staff. A new routine sheet can be filled out if necessary. The Toddler room offers more stimulating and structured environment with defined areas for the children to play in and promote the seven areas of learning within the EYFS. Emphasis is placed on children developing independent learning, social skills and personal skills. Children in this room have the opportunity to learn about animals and wildlife through caring for our fish and rabbits and making ‘wormerys’, and bug hotels. There is a nappy change area and children also have access to child size toilets and low level sinks. Staff will work alongside parents with toilet training, the policy can be viewed in Nursery. Toddlers still have the opportunity to sleep if they wish and there is also a quiet area for them to have a rest within the room. Children have their own bedding bag which is kept at Nursery and washed weekly. Toddlers enjoy a range of activities along with regular outdoor time. There are many displays on the walls to promote learning, which is a mixture of adult led work as well as the children’s own work.