We offer a wide range of structured and free play experiences and activities all based on the accepted principal of learning through play. The day is organised into two curriculum based sessions (am and pm) which provides children with the opportunity to participate, regardless of whether they have a full or part time place.

We aim to provide a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere for all children, their families, friends, staff and visitors. Our curriculum provides learning situations to meet the needs of individual children whilst giving equal opportunity for all children. The children are encouraged to respect the feelings, beliefs and cultures of others and activities are planned to acknowledge and celebrate a range of religious and cultural festivals throughout the year. Although our activities have a degree of structure, our approach is flexible and is tailored to suit the needs of each individual child. We also aim to provide an atmosphere where parents and guardians are involved in nursery life and social events.

Our objective is to provide a setting in which children can develop their physical, emotional, social, intellectual and creative skills. We encourage children to develop meaningful relationships with staff and peers and we aim to provide an environment where children feel comfortable, safe and happy to attend. The nursery is based around a timetable of events and routines which children can enjoy and can quickly become familiar with.

We are particularly passionate about the children enjoying the outdoors and are lucky enough to have a lovely play area and garden area where the children can grow vegetables and participate in many activities.